The first weekend of February brings in a new champion horse of the country. The ultimate test of class and talent for a thoroughbred – the McDowell Signature Indian Derby – will be held this year again at the famed Mahalaxmirace course in Mumbai on 1st- 2nd February, 2014.

The McDowell Signature Indian Derby offers the highest stake money for any race in the country. With the stake money increasing every year, the 2014 edition is expected to breach a whopping rupees three crore mark, the richest not only in the sport of horse racing, but also the richest for any individual sport in the country.

McDowell Signature whisky is the title sponsor. DNA Networks and Royal Western India Turf Club are organizing the event.                                                           

Besides the finest racehorses on show, the horse owners will specially fly in top international jockeys. Internationally acclaimed jockeys such as Richard Hughes, David Allan, Jimmy Fortune, Franco Dasalva, Olivier Peslier will take on Indian saddle stars A. Sandesh, Dashrath Singh, S. Zervan, P. Trevor and SurajNarredu, in a stiff competition to win the most sought-after Trophy and the rich purse that goes with it.

An aspiring and glamorous weekend in the Indian racing calendar, the McDowell Signature Derby weekend attracts a huge crowd of Mumbai’s best known and most fashionable names at the racecourse on this occasion.

While the bolting action and the charged atmosphere on the turf is certain to get the adrenalin gushing, a host of international performers will entertain the race goers.

The McDowell Signature Indian Derby is all about equine excellence, saddle artistry, courage and grit, fame & unparalleled joy of success mixed with ultimate glamour and complete entertainment spread over two sensational afternoons – an eclectic mix that makes an impression and a lasting one for the rest of the season

Dates: February 1st and 2nd, 2014

Time: 1 pm onwards

Venue: Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai.