ASMALLWORLD, the leading international members-only club, celebrated it’s official re-launch in India on October 30th, 2013, with brand partner, Bungalow 8. Once a brand name social network, ASMALLWORLD redefined itself as a private travel & lifestyle club, where like-minded people come together to share travel advice, extraordinary experiences and privileges. To fete this special time in the company’s history, CEO Sabine Heller, along with co-hosts, Maithili Ahluwalia and Bibhu Mohapatra invited friends and family to Bungalow 8, on October 30th, 2013, for a fashionable night of artistic adventure. 

Speaking on the occasion, CEO Sabine Heller says, “Having spent many years of my childhood in Mumbai, our official re-launch in India commemorates a very special new chapter for me and is everything ASW embodies: meeting new friends from all over the world, sharing extraordinary experiences, and enjoying the evening like a local! Hosting the event at one of our brand partners’ boutiques – Bungalow 8 – makes it even more amazing.”

As the private international club at the heart of extraordinary experiences, at home and when travelling, the core of ASMALLWORLD’s value is in its well-vetted community, bound by a common sensibility and love for cultural exploration. In keeping with the brand ethos, the official re-launch event featured a special Video Installation of GREY MATTER by Little Shilpa. The modern face of vintage thought, Little Shilpa perpetuates the interaction with different cultures, influences and observations, in each creation. In this installation as well, GREY MATTER showed Little Shilpa dismantle the sari and re-assemble it, adding unorthodox ingredients and exposing it to more sartorial experimentation.

Co-Host Maithili Ahluwalia says, “I’ve known Sabine since we were molecules. When she discussed the re-launch of ASMALLWORLD in India with me, Bungalow 8 seemed an obvious and natural partner because of a shared local-global perspective and curiosity for exploration. Both of us are also committed to supporting independent designers that have a hybrid voice. Little Shilpa’s latest oeuvre Grey Matter portrays this pertinent dialogue poetically pairing sari skirts with men’s shirts, bow ties and collars.”

Bibhu Mohapatra adds, “ASMALLWORLD is a vast world of possibilities and prospects in its community of eclectic global citizens. I am thrilled to be a part of it as I host this event in one of my most favorite cities, Mumbai. Sabine and Maithili are my perfect partners in this crime of hospitality.”

Founded in 2004 as an invite-only social network, ASMALLWORLD relaunched in the Spring of 2013 as the leading travel and lifestyle club with an emphasis on events, privileges, and travel tips from the very best source: the well-traveled. ASW’s membership is comprised of internationally minded people committed to opening their passports and their lives to each other, ensuring that above all else, members can live like locals and feel at home wherever they go.


The company is headed by CEO and President Sabine Heller. Chairman of the Board Patrick Liotard-Vogt acquired the majority stake in the company in 2009 from former shareholder Harvey Weinstein.

To compliment the re-launch celebrations, ASMALLWORLD  was also excited to announce the launch of it’s new Membership Program, thereby extending Open Application in India for interested candidates. Swayed by the overwhelming demand that has remained constant over the last decade, ASMALLWORLD finally decided to accept member applications. A first in ten years, the travel & lifestyle club is ready to begin vetting interested candidates. Trust being paramount, each application will be carefully reviewed by an internal membership committee, allowing the private club to vet members more effectively and have more control over how and where the ASMALLWORLD network grows. For more information, please visit: